Day 9: The final push

The team battled on through the fierce Antarctic winds on Sunday 12th January in what turned out to be the most testing day in terms of the cold and wind chill. This was the team’s 10th day surviving the harsh Antarctic conditions.

Hypothermia Strikes: A last minute rescue

Yesterday served as a reminder of just how extreme this challenge has been, and how much danger the team have put themselves in in order to raise funds to help Brain Tumour Treatments. Unfortunately, with less than 3 miles to go and with the South Pole firmly in sight, one of the team came down with bad hypothermia, and a decision was taken to call ahead to the South Pole for a logistics team to collect him. He was taken ahead to the South Pole base and received medical attention while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. We are pleased to say that he is recovering well.

Mission Complete!

Suffering from sun burn, sun glare, wind burn, frost nip, blisters and physical and mental exhaustion, the rest of the team battled on, and finally, at about 8pm, they reached the most Southerly point on earth.

That truly was the most brutal day imaginable, we could see the Pole in front of us for so long but it didn’t seem to get any closer. Finally, after 12 hours on the ice, we made it!

Lewis Moody

Huge congratulations and thanks to Mike Tobin, Mike Gregory, Charlie Birkett, Gary Wright, Julian Mylchreest, Neil Counihan, Garrett Curran, Enrique Perez-Hernadez and of course the intrepid and inspirational Lewis Moody. And the hugest of thanks to the Team Leaders and Guides, Alan Chambers and Wayne Hoyle who safely navigated the team safely to the South Pole.

To show your support to the team and help #tacklebraintumours, please head to

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