Day 8: less than 10 miles to go!

The team are now only 8.5 miles from the South Pole!

Saturday 11th January has been the toughest day and the furthest the team have trekked during their epic endurance challenge. Over 10 miles across the amazing but unforgiving Antarctic ice planes. With temperatures well below -40 and harsh winds battering them all day, the team are struggling on with blisters, exhaustion and the constant battle to keep everything protected and in order.

Surviving on dried food in a bag, very little broken sleep, hours of backbreaking sled pulling every day and extreme temperatures below -40 degrees the team really have pushed themselves to their limits in this Antarctic battle.

“The hardest part? Getting out of the tent in the morning to face the freezing conditions that you know are out there, when all you want to do is stay hunkered down inside.”

Lewis Moody

The anticipation of reaching the South Pole today, Sunday, is palpable within the team and we all cannot wait for them to fulfil this momentous achievement. Please show your support of this absolutely incredible challenge; the most gruelling and demanding that any of them have taken on.  

Please sponsor the team if you can to help #tacklebraintumours

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