Day 7: The toughest conditions yet, but still on track

The headsouth team managed just over 8 miles on Friday in extreme conditions, the worst since they set off on this epic endurance challenge. Walking into the biting wind and below -40 degrees all day, the weather has been brutal on their hands, faces and noses.

“This is tougher than we ever imagined. The biting cold, wind, inhospitable environment and the monotony of the daily routine. But it’s also the most beautiful, unspoilt place imaginable and a truly incredible experience.”

Lewis Moody

Every small thing has become so tough for the team in the harsh conditions; goggles steaming up and then freezing over so they can’t see and trying to stop and fix that whilst also desperate for a drink and energy snack in the 5 minute breaks they have.

Exhausted, suffering from blisters, sun glare and relentless cold, the team continue to battle on, knowing that in less than 2 days time they should reach the South Pole.

Please sponsor the team if you can to help #tacklebraintumours

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