Day 6: An unnerving shock… but over the half way point!

South Pole well and truly in sight!

Last night the headsouth team recorded their location as 27.5 miles away from the South Pole, after a positive day of trekking 9.5 nautical miles. This puts them over the half way point, and on track for reaching the South Pole on Sunday 12th January!

The team are very tired, partly due to the 24 hours of daylight that makes it hard to sleep, and also because of the altitude-induced insomnia that is caused by the centrifugal force of the earth pulling the atmosphere towards the equator, making the air at the poles thinner in oxygen. They are in good spirits and have been spurred on by the news that the expedition has now raised over 335k GBP to help support brain tumour sufferers!

“Some of the team have blisters on blisters, others have sun damage from the constant glare of the sun on the ice and all of us are missing our children and families at home”

Lewis Moody

An unnerving shock

Updating us over satellite phone, Lewis told how the team all had an unnerving shock on Wednesday night. They had dug trenches as tall as their tents to hunker down as they had been told to expect a weather front. With their 360 view of Antarctica there was blue sky all around and then out of nowhere they could see the vast storm approaching. There was a huge boom and then the ground shook. Team leader Alan Chambers contacted ALE based at Union Glacier, hundreds of miles away. ALE hadn’t heard the noise but explained that where the weather has been so warm, the top plateau had shifted and fallen on the melt layer underneath and that caused the huge noise and vibrations.

Please sponsor the team if you haven’t already for taking on this epic endeavour to raise money to help #tacklebraintumours

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