Day 5: Blistered and bruised but still going

Tonight, Lewis Moody and the headsouth team are hunkered down in their tents. Every evening after finishing their back breaking 8 miles of skiing across the ice pulling their laden and heavy sleds, they have to set about digging a trench to pitch their tents in, to shelter them and keep out the biting winds that can drag temperatures down to below minus 40.

“It’s been another tough day, but we’ve just about managed the 8 miles we needed to complete today and every day to make it to the South Pole in time for our flight out. We’ve all got blisters and shoulders and backs are hurting but we are determined to complete the expedition for all those battling brain tumours.”

Lewis Moody

The team have been warned of an approaching weather front so they’ve pitched camp half an hour earlier than usual to ensure they are as safe as possible.

How do the team stay safe on the ice?

Every day their leader, Artic Explorer Alan Chambers, calls back to ALE to update on the co-ordinates of where they are located. If the team don’t check in for two days, ALE will send out a search party. Alan then receives any information back on weather and conditions expected so he can make plans for the team. ALE have a meteorologist back at the base constantly monitoring the conditions.

The team are on target to reach the South Pole sometime on the 12th January.

Please sponsor the team to raise as much as possible to help #tacklebraintumours

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