Day 4: Dry (food) January

43.5 miles to go!

Day 4 was a successful day and has put the headsouth team 43.5 miles from the South Pole! After the drop off on Saturday, Sunday and Monday acclimatizing to the altitude, today felt much stronger with the team working well with no problems. The temperature has remained at -30/-40 with clear visibility.

The team have settled into a relentless routine of skiing in two hour blocks through the day, after dismantling their camp each morning, until they have completed 8 miles. They stop every hour or two for a short break for food and water as keeping hydrated and packing in the calories is vital.

“8 miles a day, it doesn’t sound much but when you are concentrating hard on keeping your skis straight, battling the cruel Antarctic winds, protecting your face and extremities from the biting cold and dragging a 75kg sled, it’s exhausting, physically and mentally. The visibility is amazing at the moment in this pristine landscape that not many get to see.”

Lewis Moody

The constant sunlight of the Antarctic also brings its own hardships, with biting glare in the day and the lack of nightfall leaving the team struggling to sleep, exhausted as they are.

One challenge no one had expected was one of feeling too hot to sleep at night in the tents! The sun shining through the canvas all night means that even with outside temperatures of minus 20, the team are sweltering in their sleeping bags!

The team are facing daily temperatures of minus 25 down to below minus 40 with the wind chill. Keep going team!

Please sponsor the team to raise as much as possible to help #tacklebraintumours

Dry (Food) January

The team are slowly getting bored of dried food… and the three hours that it takes to heat enough water to hydrate it! Lewis is reportedly on cooking duty tonight so anything can happen…!

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