There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong equipment…

This is just some of the kit that each team member will have to drag on their sled!

Time for the kit out day!

The headsouth team today attended a kit out event at London’s Twickenham stadium, where expedition leader Alan Chambers MBE was on hand to talk them through the reality of life at 66 degrees south. 

Alan Chambers explaining the most important part of the headsouth kit – the snack packs!

Alongside an explanation of how to wear the specialist polar equipment each team member will be provided with, Alan shared a few tips on how to survive the harsh reality of life in Antarctica, which included everything from how to defrost blocks of ice for your drinking water to the technique of tying string on the zips of your clothing to make it easier for frozen hands. Alan even included some essential pointers on how to deal with human waste (and crucially, not confuse it with your water bottle).  It became clear for the team that this was going to be no walk in the park.   

Alan Chambers explaining the reality of life in Antarctica

However, one of the most moving parts of the day came when the headsouth team were able to meet with Rosie, a brave young brain tumour sufferer and an ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity.  Rosie’s account of battling a brain tumour through her teenage years, and the care she received which allowed her to follow her dream of becoming an artist was extremely inspiring, and served as a huge reminder as to why the team are undertaking this extreme challenge. 

To find out more about the Lewis Moody Foundation and the projects it supports, or to sponsor the challenge, please head to our JustGiving page:

Rosie shares her story with the team
Rosie with Lewis Moody MBE

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